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Clog-Causing Habits You Need to Drop

As the go-to name for quality drain cleaning in Fort Worth, TX, the Rockwater Plumbing team has seen quite a lot of serious clogs that caused leaks, floods, and pipe damage while doing emergency services. In many cases, these clogs were caused by residential owners and their loved ones and guests using drain systems improperly.

Once a clog becomes immovable in a pipe, your only recourse is to call a drain cleaning company for emergency assistance. But with a few changes in a habit, anyone can reduce the frequency and severity of these incidents.

Pouring Oils Down the Drain

People often experience a clogged drain emergency because they pour hot oil down the drain. Doing so repeatedly eventually forms layers of biofilm on the insides of pipes and hardens and thickens over time. Sticky food-based oils like bacon grease and oils that congeal like coconut oil speed up this process.

Letting Hair Clumps Collect in Drains

People also have the bad habit of allowing their hair to pass into the drain pipe system. Hair can become tangled in biofilm and catch on any rough surfaces inside of pipes. Once this happens, every piece of hair that flows into the drain pipe can become wrapped around other hairs and form balls that become so large that the only viable option is drain snaking to dislodge the hairball clog. Simply using a hair filter can prevent this problem.

Letting Maintenance Fall By the Wayside

Lastly, many people have the bad habit of believing that they can manage the maintenance of their plumbing on their own using chemical pipe cleaners. Although liquid chemical cleaners can break up clogs, they don’t offer other much-needed benefits available with professional drain cleaning services, such as inspections or early detection repairs. Even worse, they can end up damaging your pipes.

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