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Clog-Free Drains: Tips to Start the Year Right

Slow-flowing drains and clogged pipes usually occur at the most critical times and can often result in extensive repairs if ignored for an extended period. A clogged drain can add stress to your pipes and make your home less habitable.

Allow the experts from Rockwater Plumbing to share some handy tips for keeping your drains clog-free all year round.

Watch Out What Goes Down the Drains

Your drains are only designed for water, human waste, and toilet paper. Other items, such as grease, hair, cotton swabs, feminine products, and baby wipes can and will cause clogs that may require professional drain cleaning services to remove. Don’t flush such items; dispose of them in the trash can instead.

Pay Attention to Your Drains

If your drains start to drain slower than usual, you have a clog developing. While DIY tricks like soda and vinegar can provide temporary respite, it’s best to contact a professional right away. Schedule an appointment with a reputable company for drain cleaning in Fort Worth, TX, to ensure they’re clog-free.

Avoid DIY Repairs

Snakes and plungers come in handy for DIY plumbing repairs. Nonetheless, these tools can compromise the structure of your plumbing system in the long run. It’s much more ideal to enlist the services of a reputable drain cleaning company to ensure your drains get professionally cleaned without damaging your plumbing system. At Rockwater Plumbing, we have the right tools and equipment to efficiently remove clogs while ensuring the quality of your pipes.

Have a Plunger On Hand

In some cases, clogged drains can be inevitable; that’s why you should always have a plunger on hand. If the plunger fails to unclog the drain, you may have a complex problem that requires a call for professional methods such as drain snaking or hydro jetting.

If you’re dealing with constantly clogged drains, Rockwater Plumbing can help. Start your year right by ensuring full-flowing drains and consulting our team. Call us or fill out our online form today to schedule an appointment.

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