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Leaking water heater

Water heater issues are among the most common plumbing concerns at home. While water heaters generally last for years, they can still fall into disrepair if you fail to commit to a steady maintenance routine.

To help keep your unit in tip-top shape, Rockwater Plumbing, the top name for water heater repair in Fort Worth, TX, takes a close look here at the most common water heater issues. Make sure to address them promptly when you spot them.

Rusty Water

If you see rust or other particulates in your hot water tank, there is a good chance that it is damaged. It could also mean that the pipes leading into the tank are corroding. In this case, you should call a plumber to inspect your system or opt for a tankless water heater instead.


A leak can be tricky to fix as determining its source is challenging. But with the help of a well-trained professional, it won’t be a problem at all. With regular water heater maintenance, you can negate this problem and ensure that your household has a steady supply of hot water.

Noisy Operation

Water heaters are not inherently noisy. If yours starts to make uncharacteristic noises, it may be time to consider a water heater replacement. The sound may indicate that your tank needs cleaning or that specific parts such as the inlet or the pressure release valve need replacement.

Boiling Over

A boiling over issue occurs when there’s not enough cold water in your tank to meet the demand for hot water. This could cause an overflow of hot water into the overflow pipe located on top of the tank. It can also lead to scalding injuries if people come into contact with this hot liquid.

Water heaters are a crucial part of everyday living. Make sure that your unit is in peak condition by relying on professional services from water heater installation to maintenance and repairs. Contact Rockwater Plumbing for all your plumbing needs!