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Most residents of Mansfield, TX have experienced a clogged drain at some point. Some indicators that show your drain is clogged include unusual drain noises such as bubbling or gurgling, unpleasant odors, and water draining slowly. A clogged drain can be frustrating, especially when you have guests around. However, you’re not entirely helpless – there are ways to reduce the likelihood of clogs.

Preventing Clogged Drains

Usually, your drains become clogged when debris fails to break up as it moves along them and when hardened minerals build up on the drain walls. Luckily, apart from calling us for professional drain cleaning in Mansfield, TX, there are measures that we at Rockwater Plumbing recommend to prevent your drains from clogging. We have listed them below.

Be Careful About What Gets Flushed Down Your Drains

Your drains were designed to handle the wastewater and other byproducts from one area to another. However, if objects not meant to be flushed get flushed down the drains, they may become blocked and require drain cleaning services. Some items that you should avoid flushing include paper products, starchy foods, greasy leftovers, vegetable peels, and coffee grounds. Consider emptying these drain-unfriendly products in a trash bin instead.

Use Drain Strainers in Your Sinks

Drain strainers prevent any materials such as hair clumps from getting into your drain. The strainers also come in different sizes to fit various drains and can be easily installed.

Don’t Rely On DIY Drain Cleaning

Instead of going for DIY drain snaking and other attempts to clear drains on your own, consider getting a professional to take care of the drain cleaning procedure. This is because some DIY procedures may worsen the problem or damage your pipes. Moreover, DIY attempts are usually just temporary fixes.

On the other hand, professionals from a drain cleaning company have the proper skills and tools for more thorough, efficient, and lasting drain cleaning results.

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