Inexpensive Ways to Keep Your Water Heater in Great Condition

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electric water heater in good condition

Despite water heater damage being an inevitable fact of life for all homeowners, there are some things you can do to keep your unit in good condition for as long as possible. Rockwater plumbing provides installation, maintenance, and water heater repair in Fort Worth, TX, for homes and businesses.

Here are some tips that can help you to keep your water heater in excellent working order without breaking the budget.

Drain the Tank and Wash Out the Sediment

Before you check the tank, have it drained by turning off the water at the main valve or closing off a faucet that circulates hot water. Then run cold water through the unit until it shuts off. Once it has stopped running, open a tap to drain all excess water from the team while washing out sediment with a hose or garden hose. You may have to wait a few minutes for sediment to settle before refilling the tank with hot water. Water heater maintenance at least once a year will prevent sediment buildup inside the tank, but it’s essential to review your system routinely.

Test the TPR Valve

You can have the temperature-pressure-release or TPR valve tested. The process involves taking the cap off and removing any sediment inside. As a safety measure, an empty bucket or pail is used when removing the lid so that hot water won’t end up everywhere. The bucket is then filled with water and the tank is turned on. After filling it, the valve is shut and the tank is checked for leaks. Make sure to check the TPR valve after a water heater installation.

Insulate the Heater

Have your water heater sealed in an insulated box to prevent it from heating the air around it. It will save you money on your water bill, and if you have a gas model, it will keep the temperature inside at a more constant rate. Use a rubber blanket to cover the entire outside of your unit. When using tankless water heater models, there should be a flame or a wire on the top of the unit. The flame or wire tells you it is time to turn off the hot water before turning off the gas shutoff valve under it.

When installing or replacing your water heater, there’s no need to worry about learning the trade. Rockwater Plumbing is here to do the gritty work for you. We provide top-quality water heater replacement, repair, and maintenance services. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!