Inexpensive Ways to Keep Your Water Heater in Peak Condition

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Inexpensive Ways to Keep Your Water Heater in Peak Condition

While its importance is without question, the water heater is perhaps also one of the most neglected household appliances. Proper maintenance is a must if you want to keep your heater in peak working condition and avoid potential repairs.

Rockwater Plumbing, the go-to name for water heater repair in Mansfield, TX, offers excellent water heating repair services whenever called upon. But more than that, we also make sure your heaters stay fixed all year round. Check out these inexpensive tricks to help keep your water heater in peak condition.

Insulate the Tank

The insulation of the tank offers several advantages. Besides lowering your energy costs, it also helps prolong the overall lifespan of your water heater installation. An insulated water tank prevents heat loss, so your water heater won’t strain to heat the water and uses less energy.

Reduce the Temperature

Most heating systems are initially set at high temperatures of up to 140°. In some cases, this causes risks of burns. Apart from reducing your overall energy costs, a water heater replacement procedure from Rockwater Plumbing can help you maintain optimum temperature levels and even avoid injury resulting from burns.

Replace the Anode Rod

Your water heater’s anode rod is a vital element that needs to be replaced regularly. Its purpose is to attract corrosive minerals in the water to corrode it instead of corroding the interior of the tank. Without proper water heater maintenance, the anode rod wears out, allowing the corrosive minerals to destroy the interior of the tank.

Whether you have a tankless water heater or a tank storage unit, you can count on Rockwater Plumbing for maintenance and repairs. We have experienced professionals who will address all your water heater problems promptly. Contact our team today for more information about our services.