Signs of Damage to Your Water Heater

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Signs of Damage to Your Water Heater

No one wants to have their water heater fail. But the sad reality is that it can happen at the most inopportune of times. If you want to be sure of your water heater’s reliability, there are some significant red flags you should never ignore.

From Rockwater Plumbing, the go-to name for quality water heater repair in Fort Worth, TX, here are the signs you need to watch out for. They are indicative of damage to your unit.


A decent quality water heater can last for about ten years before needing replacement. Scheduling water heater maintenance and using a water softener can help you extend the life of your unit. If you are not sure how old it is, you can check the serial number printed by the manufacturing company. The serial code contains two numbers of the production year; for example, 17 is from 2017. As your unit gets older, most of its parts will start to wear out.


Everybody fears water heater damage, and with good reason. You should check at your water heater, around and behind the unit. If you see water dripping around your unit, have a professional perform a checkup on your tankless water heater. Leaking may also suggest that your water heater’s tank has cracked or corroded. If so, you need immediate replacement.

Hot Water Shortage

Struggling to get hot water from the tap is also a red flag that your water heater is damaged. When your water heater takes longer to warm up the water, there may be a sediment build-up or electrical problem, which may be due to poor installation. This is always an early sign that you are ready for a water heater replacement.

Are you looking for dependable water heater installation and repair services? Don’t worry. Rockwater Plumbing has you covered. We repair, service, and install water heaters all over Fort Worth, TX. Reach out to us to schedule a professional inspection today!