The Anode Rod: An All-Important Component of Your Water Heater

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Corroded anode rod

Every appliance in your home is bound to succumb to damage or the ravages of wear and tear at some point. The good news is that with proper care and maintenance, you can effectively boost their longevity. In the case of water heaters, you can lengthen their service life by keeping them safe from the ravages of corrosion.

This is achieved through the use of one all-important component: the anode rod. Let Rockwater Plumbing, the leader in water heater repair in Mansfield, TX, explain here what it is and why it’s such an important component of your water heater.

What is the Anode Rod?

The anode rod is often made from magnesium or aluminum. Its sole task is to protect your water heater by capturing corrosive elements in water inside your unit before they degrade the tank. Without this component, your water heater wouldn’t last long before it rusts. Apart from necessitating water heater replacement, should your unit fail, you could face costly walls, flooring and cabinetry repairs, with the potential of mildew and mold growth.

A Corroded Anode Rod

This sacrificial rod is available in different sizes to fit various heaters. When new, the anode rod is approximately 0.5 inches wide. A used rod resembles a thin wire. You shouldn’t try replacing the anode rod yourself as you may damage the water heater tank. If you destroy your unit’s tank, you probably would need a new one. If so, contact a reputable company for water heater installation services.

Annual Water Heater Inspection and Maintenance

It is advisable to schedule a water heater maintenance checkup every 12 months with a plumbing company to maintain your heating unit’s efficiency and condition. This way, you can have the anode rod inspected during the service call. In addition, you can also run tests for water pressure and temperature, flush the tank, adjust thermostat settings, and assess all connections to ensure there are no leaks.

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