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Clogged pipes are a common plumbing issue. But common as clogs are, it doesn’t make dealing with them any less troublesome. A drainage problem can result in water pools all over drain openings, gushing sounds, and the stench of rotting garbage from the sink.

In this post, Rockwater Plumbing, the leading name for drain cleaning in Fort Worth, TX, shares some tried-and-tested techniques for clearing out drains.

Chemical Drain Cleaning

A clogged drain can be cleaned chemically using acids and alkalis. The chemical is put directly into the drain with the clog, where it reacts with the organic matter to break up the clog. However, be warned that most chemical drain cleaners are harsh and can be dangerous to use.

Air Burst Drain Cleaning

Rapidly expanding gas, like carbon dioxide, is used in airburst cleanouts. The pressure generated by the gas has the potential to break apart and remove the buildup. You can clean drains quickly and efficiently with air burst technology when availing of drain cleaning services.

Snake Drain Cleaning

A drain snaking procedure involves a drain snake or plumbing auger–a long, elastic, and around ¼ inches thick piece of equipment–to unclog your lines. The drill is equipped with a screw and hand crank at opposite ends. The corkscrew then drills the obstruction and decomposes it. This technique is excellent for removing invasive plants and other large obstructions.

Hydro Jetting Drain Cleaning

Hydro-jetting involves high-pressure water streams to blast away obstructions. The hydro jet is a high-pressure water hose that can reach pressures of 35,000 PSI at its nozzle. You can always contact a drain cleaning company to help you with this procedure.

With these methods, no drain is too tough to clear out. However, attempting to unclog the drains on your own can often have less-than-satisfactory results so hiring a professional with the necessary training and knowledge is the best way to go. Contact us today at Rockwater Plumbing for quick and efficient drain cleaning services!