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Have your drains started to drain much slower than usual? Are they more prone to clogging? Such problems are common and can usually be addressed with simple measures. But while it may be tempting to go the DIY route when it comes to drain maintenance, it’s rarely advisable.

DIY drain cleaning can end up damaging your pipes or make the problem much worse. When in need of dependable drain cleaning in Forth Worth, TX, turn to the pros at Rockwater Plumbing. Here’s a look at why DIY drain cleaning is a bad idea.

You Could Damage Your Pipes

Over-the-counter chemical drain cleaners can indeed dissolve blockages in . Unfortunately, they can also do the same with your pipes. If they are left in the pipes too long or if you fail to remove all of them when you rinse the pipes with water, it will continue eating the pipe wall. This can result in holes and leaks in your drain pipe. DIY drain can also the fittings and cause the pipes to come apart. This can create a bigger, more expensive problem in your clogged drain.

It’s Not Safe

Whether you choose drain snaking or a drain cleaner to clear your clog, it’s always a bad idea. The use of harsh chemicals is better left to the pros–especially since they have the safety equipment. Even a simple DIY repair endeavor can result in eye or skin injuries.

You Could Push the Clogs Deeper

By skipping professional drain cleaning services, you could push the clog further into the pipe. This can make the clog harder to reach and remove, resulting in a more expensive repair bill when you do finally call a plumber. It’s better to do things the proper way right from the get-go.

To make sure your drains are clear and flowing smoothly, it’s always best to call a reputable drain cleaning company instead of going the DIY route. That way, you can swiftly locate the clog, use the right tools to remove it, and ensure that all your drain lines are flowing as intended.

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