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Plumber cleaning clogged drains using drain auger

Because they’re hidden from view, it’s easy to forget that you rely heavily on your drains every day. From washing your hair to doing your dishes, items get washed down your drain pipes on a daily basis. Being mindful of proper usage can go a long way in keeping your drains functional and clog-free. But when clogs do happen, you might take matters concerning your drain cleaning in Fort Worth, TX into your own hands.

Drain snaking is a method for unclogging drains using a long cable with a hooked, bladed, or corkscrew tip. It sounds like an easy process, which makes it one of the most DIY-ed drain cleaning techniques out there. However, there are reasons our experts at Rockwater Plumbing encourage clients to leave the process to professionals.


This is one of the main reasons our drain cleaning company discourages clients from trying any plumbing DIY. The tip of the drain snake is sharp enough to inflict injuries if mishandled. There is also the possibility of exposure to the toxic water running in the pipes, risking a bacterial infection or exposure to other dangerous toxins.

A drain cleaning services provider should always have the proper safety equipment required for professionals to wear while working on drains. In doing so, they reduce the chances of exposure to toxins or injury.

Right Tools

Professionals use different tools depending on the location, cause, and extent of the clog. Apart from drain snaking, we also utilize another method called hydro jetting in which highly pressurized water is used to blast through the clogs, build ups, and blockages. We resort to the hydro jetting process when we encounter extremely clogged drains. We are also able to clear out tree root invasions via jetting.


Homeowners lack the knowledge and experience to determine the location and extent of a clog or execute the solution. This could make the problem worse, or they could damage the pipes.

This could cost more in the long run because the pipes might require more extensive repair or replacement.

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