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About Rockwater Plumbing - Your Trusted Plumber in Burleson, TX

Ensure a rewarding and worthwhile experience when dealing with a plumbing issue by making sure that you count on Rockwater Plumbing. We provide a broad range of first-rate plumbing services to our residential clients in different parts of the Lone Star State. No matter how minor or involved the job is, your satisfaction is what matters most to us.


We Are A Local Team

We are a locally based plumbing company with the skills and resources required to tackle common repairs quickly, efficiently, and in a way that's good for your budget. Since 2016, we have been maintaining a customer-first approach to doing business. We are backed by a team of caring, polite, well-trained technicians who make every homeowner feel like they are the number one priority.

We Provide an Array of Solutions

What we offer is timely, economical, long-term results for our residential clients. Feel free to call on a plumber in Burleson, TX, for any of the following services we offer:

Drain Cleaning

Keep your home's drains flowing freely by contacting us to schedule preventative drain cleanings. We also respond quickly when grease, items accidentally flushed, food scraps, and other things are blocking, clogging, or slowing drains.

Water Heater

Our local technicians diagnose and solve a wide range of water heater problems, including ones involving a lack of sufficient hot water, no hot water at all, temperature issues, and rust-colored water. We also perform water heater replacement and installation.

Water Leak Repair

Leaks can be obvious or hard to find. Nevertheless, even the slightest signs of possible water, slab, or gas leaks, err on the side of caution and contact us. We will make the necessary repairs safely and effectively.

Gas Line Repair

We offer quality, reliable gas line repair service that includes the replacement of worn or damaged lines and adjustments to connecting parts.

General Plumbing

If it is on your plumbing to-do list, odds are good we can fix it, replace it, or repair it. Contact us for household plumbing repairs, plumbing fixture installs, replacements, or repairs, or issues with toilets, dishwashers, disposals, or anything else water-based in your home.

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Now Certified to Provide Water Conditioning Services

Rockwater Plumbing is also proud to be certified by Novo to provide a full suite of water conditioning services. Having successfully completed the Novo ProAdvantage Water Conditioning Certification Training Program, we are ready to address all your water quality-needs and provide the solutions that Novo is renowned to offer. Be sure to get in touch with our team to find out more about how we can help with any hard water problems you may have.

Rely on Our Team

Our technicians arrive promptly, ask permission before exploring areas where fixtures, drains, or pipes needing some attention are located and get the work done with absolute accuracy. If a call-back is necessary, you will be first in line on our service list. Our clients also benefit from:

PROUDLY SERVING JOHNSON AND and surrounding counties

Call Today and Enjoy 10% Off Any Plumbing Service with a Personal Touch

Make a confident choice by making Rockwater Plumbing your go-to source for residential plumbing repairs in Burleson, TX. We look forward to including you as one of our many satisfied clients. Contact us today to schedule an appointment or request service.