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Rockwater Plumbing is committed to ensuring the great condition of your plumbing, not just during and after our service appointments, but throughout the year. We offer a rock-solid protection plan that will keep your home’s plumbing system working at its full capabilities all year long. Through routine preventative maintenance, you can ensure the necessary tune-ups all while maximizing your comfort level. Additionally, this will allow you to minimize the risks of dealing with higher repair as well as maintenance costs. We are dedicated to ensuring the peace of mind of all our clients, which we strive to achieve by consistently providing quality services and customer care.

OVER $1,000/YEAR IN VALUE FOR ONLY $19.99/MONTH! $19.99 Monthly!
  • 12% OFF on Plumbing Services (Including Today's Visit)

  • Free Annual Water Heater Flush ($313.00 Value)

  • Free Annual Sewer Line Life Extension Assessment ($540 Value to Include a Camera Inspection with Pictures- Run Sewer Machine to Clear Potential Blockages)

  • Free Annual Flood Prevention Assessment ($289 Value- Inspect All Visible Plumbing) Free Annual

  • Head of the Line Privileges During Regular Hours

  • Extended Labor Warranties

  • 6% OFF on All Plumbing Services for Friends and Family


Our protection plans here at Rockwater Plumbing deliver regular preventive maintenance on your drains and the entire plumbing system of your property. Everyone who chooses to be a part of this plan is also assured of obtaining our “exclusive members-only” pricing on any service we offer you at the location of the agreement.


  • Priority booking. Go straight to the front of the line every time.

  • Regular maintenance on your home’s plumbing will assure you of its continued efficiency and improved longevity.

  • Greater savings are always a perk of any preventive maintenance program. Checking on drains and plumbing systems as part of proper maintenance, which includes in-depth inspections, can help you avoid having to deal with costly emergencies down the road.

  • Enjoy free-flowing hot water for showers, dishwashers, and more when you have properly and regularly maintained water heaters that undergo annual flushings.

  • A whole home protection. Our plumbing experts are here to be on top of your home’s recommended service and maintenance schedule. We will be sure that everything is in place — from water heaters down to the pipes.

  • A plan that is transferable. Your protection plan is exclusive to you, not your property: should you move to a new home (within our specified service areas), rest assured that your new home’s plumbing will be covered.

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