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Plumbing snake with hair clog in a bathroom sink Fort Worth, TX

As a long-time provider of reliable drain cleaning services, Rockwater Plumbing knows that not all drain cleaning tools are created equal. Whether you’re a professional plumber or a homeowner, knowing that there are different types of drain snakes that have various applications.

Our team has a comprehensive range of methods at our disposal when it comes to drain cleaning in Fort Worth, TX. The type of drain snake we would use for each job depends on different factors.

The Type and Size of the Clog

Clogs can come in various types and sizes, and the most appropriate drain snaking tool for the job depends on the cause. A hand-cranked auger is suitable for light clogs caused by soap scum or hair, whereas a motorized snake may be necessary to tackle more severe obstructions such as accumulated toilet paper that has turned into sludge over time.

The Size of the Drain

The size of the drain pipe will dictate the size and caliber of the snake needed to unclog it. Wider drain pipes would naturally require larger drain cables. The same principle applies to clogged drain pipes that are smaller in diameter.

The Location of the Blockage

Shorter snakes are great for quickly unclogging surface-level blockages, but if your clog is deeper down the pipe, you may opt for a longer snake.

The Flexibility of the Snake

When the drain cleaning company deals with a stubborn clog in a pipe, it is important to consider the snake’s flexibility. If the clog is located in a pipe with tight bends, a more flexible snake may be necessary to navigate around the bend and get to the clog properly.

The Power of the Snake

Some snakes come with powerful motors, which are useful for clearing a severely clogged drain. For really tough clogs, such as tree roots, choosing a motor-powered drain snake would be.

If you need thorough and efficient drain cleaning services, we got you covered. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.